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                  The salt types of polypeptide products not only affect the solubility and stability of polypeptide, but also have some biological toxicity. So it is very important to choose the appropriate salt type for the success of the experiment. The salt types that supertide can provide are:


                  Salt type

                  Features or uses


                  Polypeptide products are usually trifluoroacetates. Because of the toxicity of trifluoroacetic acid, some experiments need to avoid this salt type.


                  Due to the small biological toxicity of acetic acid, most of the drug peptides or beauty peptides are acetate. But the acetate stability of some products is not good, so the sequence stability should be considered.


                  Less products will choose hydrochloride. Part of the sequence needs to be hydrochloride due to its special use


                  It will seriously affect the solubility and stability of the product, which needs to be selected according to the sequence.


                  It usually affects the solubility and stability of the product

                  Pamoic acid

                  Dihydroxynaphthalenate is usually used as a sustained release agent for peptide drugs

                  Citric Acid

                  The biological toxicity is small, but because the preparation process is complex, the production process needs to be developed separately according to the sequence

                  Salicylic acid

                  Affect the stability of peptide products, less use